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Save Bennachie

The Save Bennachie Alliance is working together to defend Bennachie from the re-routing and dualling of the A96 and providing solutions to the area's traffic problems.

Why is Bennachie in Danger?

Transport Scotland is progressing the programme to upgrade the A96 between Aberdeen and Inverness to dual carriageway standard by 2030.

A number of route options near Inverurie are being considered and some of these encroach upon Bennachie and its surrounding area.

The Save Bennachie Alliance is working to protect and defend Bennachie and its surrounding area from any encroachment by the new A96 dual carriageway.

We want to engage with all stakeholders to ensure that they understand the local concerns about the environmental and human impact of each route and highlight the benefits of the alternative routes.

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Discovering Britain - The Most Loved Hill in Britain?

Welcome to this Discovering Britain walk in Aberdeenshire. It explores Bennachie, a hill loved by the locals.

Bennachie, a hill that has an important place in the hearts of local people. The late Lord Aberdeen wrote: "To Hell with your Alps, Rockies and Himalaya, Bennachie - the centre-stone of the County of Aberdeen - is the hill for me".

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August 2017
Save Bennachie Feature On STV News
Fantastic coverage for our campaign last night on the STV News. If you missed it you can watch on the STV player.
June 2017
Aberdeenshire Environmental Forum Joins the Save Bennachie Alliance
We are pleased to announce that the Aberdeenshire Environmental Forum has joined the Save Bennachie Alliance.
April 2017
Save Bennachie Newsletter No 5 (PDF)
Our fifth newsletter is now available to read online. Featuring updates on the Appointment of Consultants, Alliance Members, Next Steps for Save Bennachie, and see how far the Save Bennachie Logo has travelled!
April 2017
Update On The Contract Award
Four companies have been invited to bid for the contract to design the new A96 dual carriageway between Aberdeen and Huntly.