Press Release - Response To Transport Scotland Announcement

October 2018

Save Bennachie is largely relieved that route options passing close to Bennachie are no longer included in the revised route options for the eastern section of the A96 dualling project announced today by Transport Scotland and Amey Arup Joint Venture.

Such route options would have had a significantly adverse impact on iconic and much loved local hill Bennachie.

However, route options O1 to 04 still encroach on the Special Landscape Area of Bennachie and do little to address the severe traffic problems in Inverurie. Before taking a position on those route options Save Bennachie will discuss them with our Alliance members.

It is important that people continue to attend the public consultations this week and complete the response forms at the events, as the consultants need to gather as much evidence as possible from the events.

Save Bennachie greatly appreciates the overwhelming support it has received over the last 3 years from individuals, local and national organisations, the Bailies of Bennachie and community groups.

We would particularly like to thank the North East politicians who have unanimously given us their support.

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