About The Save Bennachie Alliance

Our Mission Statement

Save Bennachie - working to protect and defend Bennachie and its surrounding area from the A96 dual carriageway. During the assessment period, by engaging with individuals, groups and organisations, particularly the Bailies of Bennachie and Transport Scotland, Save Bennachie aims to demonstrate that the following factors make it inappropriate to site the A96 dual carriageway in the Bennachie area:

  • The local, national and international iconic status of Bennachie as an unspoiled wilderness area
  • The wildlife, ecology and geology of Bennachie which has led to the shortlisting of Bennachie as an Area of Special Landscape
  • Bennachie's unique folklore, history and archaeology
  • The public's affinity with Bennachie, including recreational use by over 130,000 visitors annually through walking, cycling, running and riding
  • The physical and mental health benefits provided by the Bennachie area
  • The educational benefits of Bennachie across the generations
  • The economic value of unspoilt Bennachie as a tourist destination
  • The safety of journeys and costly maintenance issues and winter resilience of such a high level route
  • The additional climate change impact of increasing emissions by creating and using a route over higher ground
  • The detrimental impact upon sustainable economic growth of siting the A96 dual carriageway at such a distance from centres of population and industry
  • The lack of integration between different forms of transport including the bus and rail networks
  • By siting the A96 dual carriageway to the north and east of Inverurie, economic growth would be promoted whilst reducing emissions and alleviating Inverurie's grid lock problems
  • Routing the A96 dual carriageway to the north and east of Inverurie would maximise the effectiveness of the transport network by offering access to the main trunk route to traffic from the Banff Buchan and Formartine areas

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