The Perfect Way To See in 2017!

Lynda Bain Save Bennachie

1 January 2017

It was great to see in 2017 at the top of the Mither Tap!

After a curry with friends we donned headtorches and set off up the hill. The rain had cleared and we had a lovely walk up - occasionally taking our eyes off the path, stopping to look at the stars. Some people were up there before 11 - we could see a few lights at the top as we set off. As midnight approached and we got closer to the top, lots of headtorches were twinkling up there.

The wind was bitterly cold at the top so we dropped down a few feet to shelter with the other folk who were already hunkered down. Out came the champagne or a dram. One group started the countdown. Lots of Happy New Year hugs. A gulp of champagne. The Pittodrie House fireworks started. Then we could see fireworks all around - as far as the display in Aberdeen. Minutes later the hill emptied. We wondered why everyone departed so quickly and found out as soon as we started our way down. Folk must have read the weather forecast as it was starting to ice up as we started our descent. Slowed us down a bit but gave us a chance to enjoy an amazing display of late fireworks - just beyond Oyne so we reckoned Old Rayne.

Perfect way to see in 2017 - up the Mither Tap looking out over Aberdeenshire on a clear and starry night.

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