Mark Worsley

Mark Worsley

Born overseas of an Army family and brought up in London.

Graduated from Dundee University with barely a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics - moving to Aberdeenshire in 77, and Chapel of Garioch in 1979. Lucky enough to survive 38 years with a "Major", culminating as Global Technical Authority in my discipline of Subsea Engineering. Seemingly always tripping away but returning to our Family base in Chapel.

Both my Girls were born in Insch and grew up with all the benefits of rural Aberdeenshire and Bennachie has been a major part of their lives.

Retired in 2014, I do a tiny wee bit of consulting, am a Fellow of my Institute and have a passion for all things mechanical be-it old cars and machinery of any sort... having been brought up in a city, even one as beautiful as London has shaped my love of the Countryside and underpins my belief of just how important it is to maintain and protect our areas of outstanding natural beauty - not just for us, but for generations to come.


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