Chongs Go To Bennachie

Helen Chong (Aged 12)
27 February 2016

I have climbed Bennachie twice now, once in the summer and once in autumn. Once it was sunny and once not so sunny. The first time we climbed it, it was a lovely day and we were looking for something to do before going to our friend's house and we came across Bennachie. I was with my mum and dad, my brother and my sister. Dad was annoyed that he'd left the camera in the car, Calan, Eva and I were squabbling, but when we started climbing we all shut up and let the birds talk for us.

I loved how quiet the Mithertap was, and there was beautiful heather all around us. There are also many scenic paths to choose from and enjoy. It was calm all around us apart from the birds and the wind, and when we reached the top there was an amazing view of Aberdeen.

The second time we climbed it, it was a miserable day: windy, rainy, no birds and overall a dull cold day. But we came with reinforcements- hot chocolate and crisps. That was all that kept us children going, knowing that when we got to the top we got food! With the wind stinging our faces, the rain soaking us and our feet cold and wet you would think it wouldn't be a pleasant experience. But although the weather let us down, it was still a nice walk.

I hope to be able to come back again and again as I get older, and see how the hill changes naturally; not influenced by man.

By Helen Chong aged 12.

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